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Hoopy New Year!

It’s the first Podcast of the year and there is a lot to talk about. Going over all that’s happened over the Christmas period is host David Fraser, joined by two studio guests, Chris Charles and Steve Sayce.
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Big Friendly Polter

On this week’s pod, David Fraser is in the studio with co-founder Chris Mendes, Steve Sayce of Independent R’s and London Live’s Luke Blackall. QPR’s very own Sebastian Polter is on the phone.

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Back to the Loft: Hashtag Realism

The pod is in an optimistic mood after our 3- 0 win over Leeds. David Fraser is joined by Gemma Fumagalli, James Evans and Steve Sayce . On the phone is former QPR midfielder Richard Langley.

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Hoos Beard Is It Anyway

David Fraser is joined this week by podcast founder Paul Finney, Loft For Word’s Clive Whittingham and Indy R’s Steve Sace. This week the guys discuss leadership, Clint Hill as a coach, and the referee’s comical performance against Preston. With the club still going through transition, should we start thinking about renewing some contracts?

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No To Red Piping

David Fraser is joined in the studio by Paul Finney, Steve Sayce and Ash Rose. The lads talk bad kits new podcasts and Simple Minds, again. We also have an interview with ex-QPR and Cardiff midfielder Richard Langley!

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