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The Crying Game – QPR Podcast 0

The Crying Game – QPR Podcast

Tonight’s host Paul Finney is joined Sindy Grewal, Paul Hull and comedian Seann Walsh. The group share their listening habits with phone guest and QPR legend Clint Hill and discuss the upcoming Game4Grenfel this...

Pie In The Sky 0

Pie In The Sky

On this week’s podcast, David Fraser hosts regulars Paul Finney and Chris Mendes, who are joined by seasoned podcaster Paul Hull. Clive Whittingham once again gives us an interview, this time with QPR striker...

Wild Thing You Make R’ Bees Sting 0

Wild Thing You Make R’ Bees Sting

Chris Charles is with Paul Finney, Chris Mendes and Paul Hull and are in a laughing mood after our 3-0 win over Brentford. The lads talk about the team’s potential, contract issues and the...

Cheesed Off At The Cottage 0

Cheesed Off At The Cottage

David Fraser is with Paul Finney, Paul Hull and Ash Rose in the studio today talking about the gutless performances at Fulham, no bookings and Charlie Austin’s and Jamie Mackies injuries. Are there really...

Hucker Time 0

Hucker Time

Paul Finney is joined in the studio Clive Whittingham, Chris Mendes, Martin Millard and Paul Hull. We talk hay fever, bad eggs, and finally winning a game! We also have an interview with the...

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