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Top QPR Matches – QPR Podcast

This week’s edition of the remote QPR podcast has regulars David Fraser, Chris Charles, Flo Lloyd-Hughes and Paul Finney reminiscing over their 3 favourite ever QPR matches. Find us on socials at Twitter, Facebook...


QPR Ultimate 11 – QPR Podcast

Our third remote podcast has David Fraser hosting Paul Finney, Flo Lloyd-Hughes and Clive Whittingham, discussing their greatest ever QPR players. Also, joining us on the phone is Ben Lovell, who is representing QPR...


Kelly’s Heroes – QPR Podcast

On this week’s podcast, Flo Lloyd-Hughes is joined by Paul Finney, Chris Charles, Rory O’Keeffe and Rahul Desai. QPR goalkeeper Liam Kelly also joins us on the phone (apologies for technical difficulties!). Find us...