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The QPR Sockcast – QPR Podcast

In an over-the-top show of gratitude to the episode sponsor, the boys make far too many sock puns as they dissect the Preston defeat, catch up with Kevin Gallen and reflect on Holloway-moaning-at-fans-gate. Features...

Mo Farah’s Platypus – QPR Podcast 0

Mo Farah’s Platypus – QPR Podcast

On this week’s podcast, David Fraser hosts Paul Finney, Martin Durcan and the one and only Kevin Gallen in the studio! Find us online at http://www.qprpod.co.uk on twitter @QPRPod and facebook https://www.facebook.com/qprpod This weeks...

#QPRPodLive2017 Teaser 0

#QPRPodLive2017 Teaser

The live QPR podcast is nearly upon us, so if you haven’t already, get your tickets for it now . It takes place Tuesday 9th May at the Good Ship in Kilburn with a 6.30...