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The Bowlescast – Part One – QPR Podcast

In the first of a two part special Open all R’s team, in a collaboration with the official QPR podcast ‘The Loftcast’, look ahead to the Stan Bowles benefit match against Bournemouth as the R’s commemorate arguably its greatest ever player. Joining the show is Stan’s good friend and teammate Don Shanks, whilst we also hear from Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler. There’s also the views of Andy Sinton and we get the latest on the match from the organising committee.

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2017 QPR Podcast LIVE part two featuring Marc Bircham & Kevin Gallen

We’re back at The Good Ship in Kilburn for part 2 of QPRPodLive2017. The podcast team of David Fraser, Chris Charles, Chris Mendes and Paul Finney are in front of a live audience with Marc Bircham and Kevin Gallen! Talk inevitably starts by dissecting the season just gone, then the boys reminisce about waking up next to each other before the Play-off final in Cardiff and Ray Wilkins body hair!

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Philosophically Speaking

David Fraser is joined in the studio by Chris Mendes, Paul Finney and Chris Charles. On today’s pod the guys talk Fer, flirting, flowers and the result at Middlesbrough. With lots of positives to take away from the game on Friday, are we being too hard on ourselves? We are also joined on the phone by QPR legend Dave Thomas.

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