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Hudd Sweat and Tears

This week’s podcast features an interview of Alex Smithies, QPR goalie, conducted by Clive Whittingham. In the Studio is the usual crowd of Host David Fraser, Chris Mendes, Chris Charles and Paul Finney, joined this week by Garry Decaires.

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Don’t Trust Your Gut

David Fraser is joined by BT Sport’s Chris Charles and The Inbetweener’s Henry Lloyd-Hughes as the boys talk Oscars, fighting and the fiercest rivalry in Football history. Following the win against Birmingham and a great team performance all round, it looks like we might have finally clicked! We also have a great interview with our goalkeeper Alex Smithies.

A West Twelve Media and JKR Media production

Fight For Your Right, Khayati

David Fraser is joined in the studio by Paul Finney, Clive Whittingham and Chris Charles. The guys talk relationships with fans, season ticket renewal, and Smithies top notch distribution! We are also joined on the phone by Darren Peacock as we discuss the 92 – 93 season