Introducing Collar and Bowl Pet store

There’s a new kid on the pet store block, Collar and Bowl, they provide a quick and convenient place for Pet Owners to shop online. As the family is at its core, they strive to offer top-quality products at the best prices with first-class service to their valued customers, proven by their take on selecting a new bed for your pet:

Everybody needs a comfy place to sleep, and pets are no different since most dogs and cats sleep 10-16 hours a day or more, it’s important to choose the right bed for your precious pet.

Today, dog and cat beds are fashionable as well as functional, so it’s easy to mistakenly buy the bed that looks best to you or will coordinate with your couch. Before making your purchase consider the following: Size, Shape and Feel.

Choosing The Right Size Bed The biggest mistake people make when purchasing a bed for their pet is guessing on size. First and foremost, measure your pet’s length. This will give you a general idea about the dimensions your pet needs to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a bed that’s too small. Can you imagine trying to sleep with your feet hanging off the bed?

Choosing The Shape Bed Observe your pet and choose the one that will be the best for his most common sleeping position. There are three main bed styles such as rectangular, oval or round.


These beds are the most popular ones, suitable for pets that like to stretch out during sleep. They can be in the form of a dog mat, cushion, mattress, or in a classic version with raised sides and a soft stuffing inside.

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Suitable for pets that tend to sleep curled up. They are usually available in the form of a pillow or “nest” with higher sides, which prevents the pet from slipping off.

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Once we know what shape we want, unquestionably the most important thing is to choose the right size of the dog bed. In this case, we need to measure the exact height and length of our pet, and then add a minimum of 10-20 cm on each side. In this way, we can calculate the size of the bed that will provide comfort for our best friend. He will be able to freely stretch himself out during the nap, and he will have enough room to bring all his beloved toys in.


It’s hard to accept but forget about the idea that the same bed will be good for your pet throughout his or her life. Above all, it might not last, because of the sharp puppy teeth which like to bite into everything. Besides, we should not buy a large dog bed for our small pup, because it will not provide him with a sense of security, which he can only find in the cosiness of the small “nest”. The same rule applies to adult dogs.

Additionally, we as people like to snuggle up all cosy in the winter months and not in the warmer summer months, your pet is the same. As we edge into winter and the temperatures start to drop you’re going to want to look at something like the Ultima winter range

At the very least you should take some time when looking for a suitable bed for your pet, after all, it’s not just a short-term purchase. It’s the item that is meant to provide our pet with comfort, a sense of security, blissful relaxation, and complement our house interior design. The best idea is to look for the dog bed that will combine the two: benefits for our pet with the elegance and style matching our interior.

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