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Chairs out for Ilias

Flo Lloyd-Hughes is joined by Paul Finney, Steve Sayce and Joe Davenport to talk through Rangers bouncing back against the Blues and bonds. Find us on socials at Twitter, Facebook or subscribe via iTunes


Here we go again – QPR Podcast

Our tenth season begins, only a couple of hours after the last one finished. David Fraser, Paul Finney, Chris Charles and Steve Sayce dissect the summer, gloss over the Plymouth game and quiz Lee...


Ned – Er Again – QPR Podcast

A longer-than-usual podcast to celebrate Finney’s birthday as David and Paul are joined by Steve Sayce and Flo Lloyd-Hughes. With a lot to talk about, they squeeze in an interview with QPR hall-of-shamer and...


Urine Trouble – QPR Podcast

Tonight Paul Finney is joined by Chris Charles, Steve Sayce and Rahul Desai to discuss Saturday’s capitulation to Middlesbrough, plus an interview with former striker Tony Thorpe. Find us on socials at Twitter, Facebook...