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Pie In The Sky 0

Pie In The Sky

On this week’s podcast, David Fraser hosts regulars Paul Finney and Chris Mendes, who are joined by seasoned podcaster Paul Hull. Clive Whittingham once again gives us an interview, this time with QPR striker...

Hudd Sweat and Tears 0

Hudd Sweat and Tears

This week’s podcast features an interview of Alex Smithies, QPR goalie, conducted by Clive Whittingham. In the Studio is the usual crowd of Host David Fraser, Chris Mendes, Chris Charles and Paul Finney, joined...

Celiac Park Rangers 0

Celiac Park Rangers

This week’s podcast features a classic line up of the founding members David Fraser, Paul Finney, Chris Mendes and Chris Charles, joined in the studio by QPR fan and Kick! magazine editor Ash Rose....

Gone For A Burton 0

Gone For A Burton

On this week’s podcast, David Fraser hosts Chris Mendes, former QPR trainee and bassist for Orange Goblin, Martyn Millard and the Telegraph’s Thom Gibbs. A West Twelve Media and JKR Media production