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QPR Ultimate 11 – QPR Podcast

Our third remote podcast has David Fraser hosting Paul Finney, Flo Lloyd-Hughes and Clive Whittingham, discussing their greatest ever QPR players. Also, joining us on the phone is Ben Lovell, who is representing QPR...


My Corona – QPR Podcast

Flo Lloyd-Hughes hosts Chris Charles and, making his 4th appearance, James Maberley. The podcast wonders what the effect of Coronavirus might have on the rest of the the season. Find us on socials at...


Moneyball – QPR Podcast

Flo Lloyd-Hughes hosts Clive Whittingham, Rahul Desai and podcast patron Paul Szumilewicz in the studio. Rahul goes over our latest accounts with a fine tooth comb and finds reason to be cautiously optimistic. Find...


Kelly’s Heroes – QPR Podcast

On this week’s podcast, Flo Lloyd-Hughes is joined by Paul Finney, Chris Charles, Rory O’Keeffe and Rahul Desai. QPR goalkeeper Liam Kelly also joins us on the phone (apologies for technical difficulties!). Find us...