Moneyball – QPR Podcast

Flo Lloyd-Hughes hosts Clive Whittingham, Rahul Desai and podcast patron Paul Szumilewicz in the studio. Rahul goes over our latest accounts with a fine tooth comb and finds reason to be cautiously optimistic.

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As mentioned on the Pod, this year’s walk Tiger Feet 11 will take place on Saturday 21st March leaving from Fulham F.C. and walking approximately 10 miles to the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (via Chiswick bridge) to arrive in time for QPR v Fulham

The walk coincides with World Downs Syndrome Day and will be an early start due to the kick off being moved forward to 12.30pm. If you want to donate to this amazing cause please do so here

This episode was kindly sponsored by our friend Paul Szumilewicz and his two sons

🍻 A massive thank you again to Paul Szumilewicz who along with sponsoring the episode also very kindly bought us our beers 🍻

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