Blood the Youngsters

David Fraser is joined by Chris Mendes, Neil Dejyothin and Richard Fraser (seperated at birth). Definitely safe, with no promotion to play for, the boys talk about how QPR can concentrate on having a positive end to the season to set up next year. QPR legend Gerry Francis is on the phone.

A West Twelve Media and JKR Media production

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2 Responses

  1. Douglas Mark Ponton says:

    can’t download this one guys..please don’t tell me to ‘subscribe to itunes’ as I detest itunes more than chelsea

    • west12 says:

      Sorry to hear youre having issues, youre going to have to give me more information on what youre doing and what the issues are. Are you doing this via a phone or pc? What app are using if youre doing via a phone and are you able to download any other podcasts?

      The first thing I would try is, deleting the podcast and resubscribing. Then I would try another podcast app. If that doesn’t work let me know the symptoms and we’ll take it from there

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